Quickies – Snapper with Tomato-Cilantro Sauce

9 May

I made this super quick and easy fish dish for an Indian-inspired menu the night we went to “A Flowering Tree” at the opera.

Random Rant: For whatever reason, the opera company has decided to start the show at 7:30 pm which makes it nearly impossible for me to put together a decent meal before we go and it’s too late to eat when we come back. Funny how 30 minutes makes the difference between a lovely evening and chaos. It detracts from the romance of the opera when you see a young couple in business attire on their way into the hall, running full speed, and tossing a fast food bag into a dumpster as they pass it.

Anyway – I loved this dish from Epicurious and best of all, it’s easy enough for a quick weeknight meal. Six ingredients (counting the fish!). I made it with snapper instead of roughy. Any flaky white fish will do for this.

Orange Roughy with Indian Spiced Tomato Sauce

In this picture, you can see that I used fat-free yogurt (hey, I said use what you had in your pantry!) and so the sauce broke as I knew it would, but it was still delicious. Now I put ‘small regular yogurt’ on my shopping list whenever this hits my meal plan.

Serve with Basmati rice and a cucumber salad: sliced cucumber, red onion, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar.

I always keep a few packages of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice in my pantry for those nights when even the 20 minutes it takes to cook rice is too much for me. For two of us, it’s about right – two servings and leftovers for Mr. U.’s lunch the next day.

I made the little ‘cups’ for the salad from pappadums, which you can buy in the Indian foods section of your local grocery store. They cook in the microwave. I set a small soup cup in the middle of each as I cooked they so they poufed up into a nice little cup shape. Completely unnecessary – but this, as I said, was a quickie dinner for opera night, not a typical weeknight.

For dessert when we came back from the opera? Some sliced mango with a little bit of ginger-mint syrup. Mango ice cream or any other tropical fruit flavor would also be a nice finish.

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