Natural Colors for Fun Foods!

14 Oct

I have an allergy to Red Dye #40, known as Allura Red AC in Europe.  As time goes by, I meet more and more people with the same allergy plus additional food dye allergies.  It’s in more things than you would think. (Seeing Red!)

One of the big culprits for food dyes is ‘fun foods’, by which I mean candies and baked goods.  I have found a good source for natural-based colors at India Tree.  I don’t have children, so can’t say if it’s a good idea to offer kids ‘fun colors’ at home that they cannot enjoy outside of the home.  I would be a little bit cautious with this approach as I think it could be difficult to explain to a young child why colored sprinkles are ok at home but not anywhere else.  I was recently able to connect two parents I know whose children have food coloring allergies so that they can compare notes more effectively.  As an adult, it’s a pretty easy thing for me to manage.

Of course, I use my red dye allergy to my advantage and typically just refuse any baked goods that are offered to me, including a pink (inside and out!) wedding cake I made for my nephew’s wedding last year.  I imagine my allergy excuse has saved me a number of calories over the years!

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