Introducing: Mr. U.

18 Oct

My husband gets big billing on Planned Overs.  He is always referred to as “Mr. U.” or “my husband”.  I do this because it’s not his blog, this is the internet, and I don’t want his identity made easily searchable on my blog, although it isn’t a big secret who we are.  We’ve been married over 20 years.

Some notes on Mr. U.:

  • He cooks.  Really well.  When I started dating him, I opened the door to his fridge expecting some sort of bachelor desertland of ketchup and beer.  Not so.  There was every bizarre condiment and ingredient known to man jammed in there, including Chinese bean paste.  I knew this could be the start of something beautiful.  His words on this are that if you like to eat, you need to learn to cook.  Amen.  Don’t let this fool you into thinking there wasn’t also beer in there, because there definitely was.
  • He eats.  Like me, he will eat just about anything.  He isn’t concerned with “What kind of meat’s in that?”  He’s not a meat and potatoes guy at all and in particular, he likes nothing better than a big bowl full of noodles from a Japanese, Vietnamese or Chinese restaurant.  In short, he isn’t picky.  He will eat whatever is planned for dinner without complaint, even on one famous occasion when we had literally no food and no money and I made lasagna out of canned pumpkin and some lasagna noodles.  When reminded of this event, he still claims that he liked that meal.
  • He appreciates the artistry of food.  I love that my husband understands that a great restaurant is theatre.  Sometimes you just have to splurge on some really great theatre tickets and enjoy the show.
  • He doesn’t like me to watch him cook.  He always thinks I think he’s doing it wrong.  It’s very hard for me not to offer advice when I see him doing something that could be done more efficiently.  Now I just say, “you want me to leave now, don’t you?”  He’s never turned that offer down that I can remember.
  • He mixes a great cocktail.  I’ll post a few of these as asides for your pleasure.
  • He works from home.  This means that we can have a roasted chicken on a weeknight if I truss it in the morning and leave it for him to put in the oven at 4 p.m.  It also means I can send him an email saying, “I forgot to defrost the ___!” and he will pull it out for me and save the day.
  • We share cooking and cleaning responsibilities.  I’m not saying this just for him to get some good press.  I write about planning meals and grocery shopping and so on because I’m better organized than he is.  More often than not, he is the one who actually does the shopping, or who finishes cooking the Frozen Overs.  In this case, I say, “Thank you for cooking dinner” and he says, “Thank you for cooking dinner.”

He’s also a talented artist and an avid reader of everything, including cereal boxes.  You can check out his literature and reading blog, Dispatches from Outer Libraria, on WordPress.

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