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Planning the Holidays

22 Dec

I have been away from the house for nearly three weeks now.  Getting back to cooking meals for ourselves is going to seem really weird. To top it off, our first full day home is going to be Christmas Eve, so I have to figure out holiday meals just when I don’t remember how my kitchen works any more.  Happily, I read a Facebook notice that Daisy Mae’s Market has blood oranges, so I’ll be stopping by there Sunday afternoon or Monday.

My wonderful mother-in-law would usually make standing rib roast for Christmas Dinner, complete with Yorkshire pudding.  I did so myself last year, which was the first year I had actually cooked Christmas Dinner at our house.  In the interest of preserving the fragile health of my bad shoulder, I have decided to go with short ribs for dinner.  Short ribs and grits.  With a blood orange salad before and a repeat of that gorgeous caramelized pear tart afterwards.

Christmas Eve, I think we’ll have fish.  My family in Florida often has seafood on Christmas Eve (the Christmas Eve Dinner antidote?) and I will keep that up, despite the fact that there have been no oceans near Ohio for a few eras.

My mother gave me a pair of dolsots for Christmas.  She actually had them shipped from Korea.  They came packed in cake boxes and surrounded by little envelopes of sushi seaweed to cushion them.  We’ll definitely be having dolsot bibimbap this week.

Looking forward to cooking, enjoying and hearing what others have decided to have for whenever and whoever are special to them.




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