I used to be a chef, but now I’m an IT project manager at a major multi-national corporation.  I love new flavors, different cuisines, fun textural combinations, but I’m a busy woman with a busy life of work, volunteer activities, travel for work and pleasure and so on.  Mealtimes in our house had become chaotic and frustrating.

My big freezer prepared for my 8 week disability aka "The End of Days"There were two catalysts for change.  First, my husband’s brother came to live with us for a few months.  My brother-in-law has some developmental challenges and craves structure.  I needed to feed three for the price of two and I also knew that we needed relieft from the chaos that is dinner time.  Secondly, I had two surgeries in two and a half weeks and was on disability from work for about two months.  I wasn’t going to be able to help prepare meals, but I could prepare meals in advance and help my husband by creating a plan for what we would eat (for the entire 8 week time period – I went a little overboard) and so I did.  Here you can see a picture of the big freezer in my basement, full of prepared meals and raw meats portioned for the grill.  I also bought two 20-pound turkeys for our 3-person household, which is when my husband decided I had lost my mind and he put a stop to further frozen midden-making.  My freezer is now about half-full most of the time.

Once both the surgeries and the brother-in-law had been successfully survived, I found that I liked the structure that planning brought to our lives.  It’s so easy to get home from work and know what I need to do.  I also make fewer trips to the grocery store and I’m still saving money on my food budget.

When I talked about prepping food ahead or planning many meals from one big meal, my friends and co-workers started asking me how I do it.  My blog is a collection of my planning ideas, my recipes, and how I keep dinner time under control.  I hope you enjoy reading.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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