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Hotel Breakfast OR Why I Need Egg Cups

1 Nov

I’m traveling this week, having escaped the US just before Sandy, the Frankenstorm, shut down every flight out of the country. I’m starting the week in Worms, Germany, southwest of Frankfurt. I speak French very well, but I only know two phrases in German. The first, “where is the key?” because the restroom in the plant is always locked, and the second “I would like capers, please” because the hotel has smoked salmon on the breakfast buffet, but the capers are locked away as a strictly afternoon sort of condiment. When informed that my German had improved to include this second all-important phrase about capers, my husband said, “Really? That’s what you decided to learn?” or something to that effect.

He clearly has no appreciation for the importance of capers with smoked salmon, but I have to think at least one person will agree with me.

I didn’t come here to talk about smoked salmon, delightful though it is. I wanted to talk about kiwis. Kiwis are one of those fruits I eat in two situations: when someone else cut it up and provided it (fruit salad, fruit tray, fruit tart) or when I’m staying in a hotel and find them on the breakfast buffet, in which case I cut it in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon and wonder why I don’t do this at home.

Today, I had a kiwi and it was so good that I went back for a second. I noticed it was a bit less fuzzy and when I cut it open, I found the flesh was yellow. Golden kiwi fruit!  It was delicious and a bit more tropical tasting than the green.

This has suddenly turned into a new obsession to serve kiwis in egg cups.  I don’t own any egg cups.

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